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Indoor pollution is estimated to cause thousands of cancer deaths and hundreds of thousands of respiratory health problems each year.

"Healthy Buildings, Healthy People: A Vision for the 21st Century"
Office of Air and Radiation (6609J) 402-K-01-003, October 2001

One of the greatest concerns to homeowners today is residential air and water quality. Studies show that poor indoor air and water quality is a leading cause of Sick Building Syndrome and related illnesses. The EPA states that levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher, and even 100 times higher, than outdoor levels. Further EPA evidence explains that 10% of all colds are caught outdoors, 90% are caught indoors. This is because heating and air conditioning systems are a breeding ground for aerobiological and viruses. Not only that, but once an organism is introduced to the air stream it is re-circulated and distributed to every room in the house.

We all know about the problems with the deteriorating water supplies in the US. Often times the municipal water supply is so bad that it is unsafe to consume. We’ve all heard about instances where contaminated water must be boiled before it is used.

UV Connection is proud to offer a “COMPLETE HOME” air and water disinfection solution.

SOLARSTICK™ SERIES - Click here to download the Solarstick™ Specification Sheet
Our Solarstick™ Series addresses indoor air quality within the existing HVAC system by attacking indoor air quality problems at the source, the cooling fins and surrounding area. This area is the breeding ground for molds and viruses. Higher UV disinfection is achieved by placing additional units at strategic locations within the HVAC ductwork. The Solarstick™ Series features Fluoro-Safe™ Lamp Technology to ensure maximum user safety.

UV Connection manufactures a variety of Residential UV Water Purifiers to improve the water quality within your home. Our equipment line provides disinfection solutions from well water applications to municipal water use. We offer point of use “under the sink” units that combine filtration with UV disinfection. UV Connection also offers a complete line of disinfection products for your incoming water supply. Please contact UV Connection for the system that’s right for you.

Standard Residential Units
RD5-QA 5 GPM (Fresh Water)
RD12-QA 12 GPM (Fresh Water)
RD24-QA 24 GPM (Fresh Water)

UV and Filtration Combo – Point of Use
LD2-QA with 1-Micron Filtration – 2 GPM (Fresh Water)

Additional systems are available. Please contact UV Connection for more information.


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