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Ultra Violet Systems

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Studies have shown that indoor air quality can be as much as 70-100 times poorer than that of outside air. According to the World Health Organization, indoor airborne contaminants account for over 50% of allergies in the home and workplace. Over 8 million people die each year from airborne diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza.

The re-circulated air inside your home or workplace could create an unhealthy mixture of mold, bacteria, viruses and other harmful contaminates. These dangerous contaminates accumulate in your HVAC system.

This mixture could become concentrated over time causing illnesses like allergies, upper respiratory problems, asthma, inflammation of the lung tissue, headaches and many other problems (especially in children). Influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and many other diseases could be passed through the air to infect you and your family. The Solarstick™ Series attacks these problems at the source, the cooling coil and surrounding area.

Poor indoor air quality is estimated to cost over 8 billion dollars due to increased health care costs, lost production, absenteeism and lost revenue. It has also been estimated that approximately 75% of the infections are passed from person to person through the air.

THE SOLARSTICK™ SERIES SOLUTION - Click here to download the Solarstick™ Specification Sheet
The Solarstick™ Series utilizes UV Photoionization, the most accepted method of surface and air disinfection. This series efficiently and silently reduces airborne contaminants such as mold, viruses, bacteria, yeasts, dust mites and microbes. For just pennies a day, it can significantly improve indoor air quality with little or no reduction in airflow when used in a properly maintained system.

It is well known that ducts, plenums, coils and filters operate more efficiently when clean. The use of UV light in clean ducts reduces your maintenance costs by helping to keep the HVAC system clean especially in cases of intermittent HVAC operation. A clean coil means that that it will operate much more efficiently, in fact some of our clients have reported a 30% savings on their monthly electric bill. Our systems could typically pay for themselves within the first year, and in many cases may qualify for energy and tax credits.

Photoionization – The power of the sun…
For centuries people have known about the disinfection properties of sunlight. UV Connection has effectively reproduced and significantly enhanced the germ killing power of the sun. In a typical home or business, the internal air will pass through the system 50-125 times a day. Most HVAC systems operate in cycles to maintain a constant temperature. During down times, moisture forms on the coil and collects in the drain pain creating an ideal breeding environment for mold, bacteria and other microbes. These harmful organisms are then spread throughout the living / working space once the HVAC system operates. Exposure to UV energy prevents the organism from replicating on these surfaces and surrounding areas. The organism can no longer reproduce and dies.

Better Lamps Mean Better Results
Using the latest advancements in UV photoionization technology, UV Connection lamps:

  • Provide 2-3 times the disinfection energy power found in standard lamps.
  • Are designed according to our specifications and will provide at least one year of service under normal operating conditions before needing replacement.
  • Internal sensors that indicate UV intensity inside the target area. Ultraviolet energy is invisible, just because the light is on doesn’t mean it is doing the job. These special sensors provide you with valuable data that will tell you if the system is working properly.

About UV Connection
UV Connection is a global leader in the science of UV Disinfection. Our robust systems have been used for decades by many industries and consumers worldwide to solve a variety of issues associated with clean air. We are Charter members of the International Ultraviolet Association ( IUVA ), the only association in the world devoted exclusively to advancing the science and technology of UV disinfection. We are also on the Technical Advisory Committee for the International Bottled Water Association ( IBWA ).

Our in house laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Houston, Texas is home to a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, system designers, technicians and researchers who are all working to ensure that you receive the best system for your money.

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