Ultra Violet Systems
Ultra Violet Systems

Air Disinfection

Air disinfection by UV light is as old as the sun. UV disinfection is cost effective, chemical free, safe, low maintenance, energy efficient, ozone free and produces no by-products. UV has been proven to be effective against a wide variety of airborne contaminates including cryptosporidium, molds, bacteria and many viruses that can penetrate filters.

Indoor pollution is estimated to cause thousands of cancer deaths and hundreds of thousands of respiratory health problems each year.

"Healthy Buildings, Healthy People: A Vision for the 21st Century"
Office of Air and Radiation (6609J) 402-K-01-003, October 2001

UV Connection is a global leader in the advancement of UV light technology. Our innovative lamp designs provide a reliable, efficient and safe source of high intensity UV light. Ultraviolet light has been used for decades as a reliable method of disinfection. UV works by destroying the DNA within an organism, thereby preventing replication.

  • Our systems are designed to deliver an effective dose of UV light to the air stream.
  • Dose is determined by measuring the UV intensity in the reactor at the furthest point from the lamp and determining the dwell time of the air within the UV reaction chamber.
  • This method is accepted as the key to all successful UV disinfection applications.

See the Light with the UV Systems Advantage

The development of Fluoro-Safe™ lamp technology is the result of extensive research. A protective barrier has been placed between the lamp and the air stream. This barrier allows the transmission of UV light and has the unique ability to shed debris and significantly reduce particulate fouling. In the event of lamp damage or breakage, the lamp contents remain encapsulated within the Fluoro-Safe™ envelope.

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