Ultra Violet Systems
Ultra Violet Systems

Automotive Refinishing

Our line of UV curing systems includes our 120V Mac unit for spot repair, our high powered 600 WPI handheld unit for maximum mobility and finally our BAL the only commercially available wide format portable system. Capable of delivery UV energy over an area of 48"X48"


The MAC unit, perfect for automotive refinish applications. Built with heavy duty 80-20 construction. Large wheels for optimum mobility in a body shop environment. Large UVA only footprint with high peak irradiance. Easy and Safe to operate.


The BAL portable UV system is specially designed to cure large repair areas. With an effective UV cure area of 48"48", the BAL is clearly the largest portable UV curing system available. Built with heavy duty 80-20 construction. This system comes in two models, our ceiling mounted system and our mobile system set up on wheels.


UV Connection is proud to introduce the most powerful hand-held UV curing system currently developed. At 300 Watts, this hand-held system is ideal for repair work. Created for the aerospace industry, the UV Connection Hand-held System is robust, portable and easy to use.

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Automotive Refinishing


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