Ultra Violet Systems
Ultra Violet Systems

Formulators and Raw Materials Suppliers

Along with our own team of engineers and polymer chemists we can work to help you develop customer specific formulations. We have a full line of robust lab scale UV curing systems. Our benchtop conveyors with quick change style lamphousings enable the operator to switch from mercury to additive lamps without any tools. We have small scale conveyorized Larolux systems for 3-D curing in an economical compact design. We also have the Larolux process in a chambered design. Our team of engineers and polymer chemists are also available to assist you with any of your UV queries. We have a wide range of reflector and optical filtration options available.

Click here for The North American Ultraviolet Curable Materials & Chemical Suppliers List.


1310 Rayford, Bldg. F2, Spring, Texas 77386   
Tel: ( 281) 419-6112  Fax: (281) 419-6136   
info@uvconnection.com, sales@uvconnection.com   
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