Ultra Violet Systems
Ultra Violet Systems

Graphic Arts/Printing

For over 20 years UV Connection has designed and manufactured state-of-the-art curing systems for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our designs are focused around ease of maintenance and reliability. Our quick change style lamp housings make inspection and maintenance of the optics easy for any operator. We have complete conveyorized systems, modular systems which can fit on existing lines, retrofits and custom inert designs. We also have a wide range of options like solid state power supplies with PLC, optical filtration for heat sensitive substrates, additive lamps and multiple reflector options.

UV Connection is proud to introduce our newest line of Modular UV Curing systems. These modular systems are available in arc lengths from 4 to 72 inches with operating ranges of 100 to 600 WPI. WIth the ability to supply custom arc lenghts of 100 plus inches and operating ranges up to 1500 WPI, UV Connection can develop solutions for your specialized needs.

Our new easy access lamp design, superior materials construction, and compact solid state power supplies are all standard on the MC Series.





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