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Introducing the latest and most exciting advancement in 3D curing : the Larolux™ process, brought to you by UV Connection and BASF. This new curing system uses a revolutionary technology that enables our customers to cure 3D parts with fewer lamps and lower UV power than any 3D curing system currently available. This system is perfect for heat-sensitive substrates. Fewer lamps and lower power will reduce initial start-up and operating costs. Our systems will cure virtually any size part. In addition to our 3 standard models, custom designs are also available. Consult with UV Connection for more information.

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UV Connection is proud to introduce our latest 3D curing system, made specifically for the laboratory. Our inexpensive 3D curing chamber employs a revolutionary technology from UV Connection and BASF. This compact curing chamber, which requires only one lamp, is small enough to fit easily in a laboratory, but large enough to cure up to a 12"X12" cube. Utilizing CO2 as an inert gas, this new patented process from BASF has been proven to deliver tremendous results by curing 3 dimensional parts with complex profiles.

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UV Connection is proud to introduce the most powerful hand-held UV curing system currently developed. At 300 Watts, this hand-held system is ideal for repair work. Created for the aerospace industry, the UV Connection Hand-held System is robust, portable and easy to use.

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